Surprise Visit from J.J. Galyean

Jeffrey "J.J." Galyean, former Pioneer patient, was all smiles when he surprised the staff with a visit to the hospital. He reflected back on his stay that lasted more than a month. A nurse reminded him of how, on his day of arrival, he told her that he would probably never walk again. J.J. had been involved in a traumatic accident where he was struck by a truck. He had extensive injuries and was transported via helicopter from Mt. Airy to Winston-Salem. Following multiple surgeries, he was stabilized and brought to Pioneer Community Hospital of Stokes for rehabilitative therapy.

During his stay, he endured painful wound care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. J.J. wants everyone to know: "Keep on trying, even when it hurts". His wounds are completely healed and he is walking and driving just as before. We are all proud of J.J. for not giving up!!

We Need You

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