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Here at Pioneer Community Hospital of Stokes, we are more than just a healthcare facility, we're a family. A family of doctors, nurses, administrators, and everyone in between striving to provide this community with a superior and compassionate healthcare. So when life happens, take comfort in knowing you have family to serve you.
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Visiting Physician Calendar
  • "Mondays"

    Dr. Stauffer - Wound Care/Podiatry

    Dr. Hill/Dr. Runheim - Neurology

  • "Tuesdays"

    Dr. Jennings - Orthopaedics

    Debbie Adams Hauser, PA-C - Dermatology

  • "Wednesdays"

    Dr. Stauffer - Wound Care

    Dr. Hill/Dr. Runheim - Neurology

    Dr. Pollock - Orthopaedics

  • "Thursdays"

    Dr. Stauffer - Wound Care

    Dr. McPhail - Urology

    Dr. Jennings - Orthopaedics

  • "Fridays"